Thought Leadership the Theme at BRPA!

What matters right now?  If you were in Chicago, IL, last Tuesday, you’d know. DRI made the trip to the Windy City to sponsor the Business Resumption Planners Association (BRPA) meeting. DRI President Al Berman presented on the topic, “Business Continuity, What Really Matters Right Now?” and BRPA Program Director, Bob Flannery said, “The presentation was interesting, informative and fit right with the ‘Thought Leadership’ theme of the meeting.”

The event gave DRI the opportunity to meet face-to-face with many of the BRPA members and to answer questions they had about DRI certification and DRI’s own conference, DRI2014.

“It’s very important and insightful for BRPA members to get an international certification organization to weigh in on what’s important to the BC Practitioner from a current issues and concerns perspective”, Flannery said about having DRI present at the meeting.

“We were really pleased to take part in this event,” said Berman. “We are committed to supporting regional organizations like BRPA and always enjoy the opportunity to meet with our certified professionals and to meet future certified professionals as well.”

The entire event was tweeted live by DRI. Be sure to follow DRI International on Twitter, as well as on Facebook, and LinkedIn.

For those who attended and who are DRI certified, be sure to update your CEAPs in your MyDRI profile!

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