What do you think of your service provider?

If you’ve got glowing things to say about your BC service provider, why not nominate that important BCP building block for the DRI Awards of Excellence Service Provider of the Year? You’ll not only give your service provider a big thank you, but you’ll also be informing the greater business continuity community about where to find an excellent vendor.
Nominations are due November 15. So, nominate now by clicking here!
What is the Service Provider of the Year Award?
Designed to recognize the very best in service delivery amongst full-service business continuity providers, this category will be judged on both a company statement – prepared by both the service provider and a customer – as well as an online vote, targeted at business continuity managers across all industry sectors. The company statement should demonstrate the company’s commitment in promoting business continuity to its customer base and the wider audience, which may include staff awareness, training and user-group activity, amongst other efforts. The judges will base the award on innovation and quality as well as customer service and satisfaction and an ability to respond to changing market demand. The company and customer statement each, should be submitted in the form of a maximum 500-word statement.
The list of nominees will be revealed on November 18, and DRI certified professionals will vote to decide the winner!
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