Coming Soon: DRI’s New International Glossary!

DRI International is proud to announce the upcoming release of theInternational Glossary for Resiliency, a new language guide designed to improve communications and increase clarity across the business continuity community.

A volunteer committee of industry leaders gathered to review 2,189 unique terms from 22 different reference documents, and voted on the standard set of terms and definitions that would be featured in the glossary.

After nearly two years, DRI can finally present the results of that work: a common set of universal terms that will reduce confusion, remove inconsistencies, and facilitate coordination between parties.

“When we were asked to offer a DRI glossary, we took on the challenge,” said Chloe Demrovsky, DRI Managing Director of Global Operations. “We expect that this will be a living document, subject to revisions and changes from the community as we work to achieve our goal of uniformity in the industry.” 

On March 14, the International Glossary for Resiliency will be made available to everyone simply by logging onto MyDRI ( and downloading the PDF file. You do not need to be a DRI-certified professional to create a free MyDRI profile — our glossary is available to everyone!


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