Your Thoughts? Bill Seeks to Protect Employees Unable to Get to Work During Emergencies

This news report caught our eye. According to

a report, New Jersey Senator Peter J. Barnes III introduced legislation that would protect New Jersey workers who are unable to make it into work due to a declared state of emergency. The bill also calls for penalties for employers who require employees to report for duty.

Barnes says “many workers feel compelled to head out in bad weather so they are not punished by their employers.” He adds that employees “should be able to make an objective decision to drive during a storm that reflects their own and their family’s safety rather than a fear of retribution by an employer or a loss of sick or vacation time.”

An employer who violates the provisions of the bill would be subject to a penalty of up to $5,000 for the first offense and $10,000 for each additional offense.

What do you think?  How would a law like this impact your plans? Visit our LinkedIn to comment.


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