Networking at DRI2014…and Beyond!

The DRI2014 Conferenceon May 18-21 in Atlanta is the premier networking event for business continuity professionals, and we’ve got two unique opportunities for you to meet with colleagues and share ideas.

First up: Get face-time with representatives of some of the top companies and experts in the business continuity at the BC Solutions Exchange on Monday, May 19 at 11:45.

You’ll get the chance to sit in on your choice of round-table discussions, as vendors will join in with attendees on an exchange of ideas on issues, trends, and solutions that are most important to the participants. Each exchange will break up after 15 minutes, allowing you to participate in multiple discussions.

Then on Tuesday, May 20 at 11:45 in the Exhibit Hall, join theBusiness Continuity Issues and Answers Round Table. Each table will address issues important to you and your colleagues, including:

  • Supply Chain
  • Risk Management
  • Communications Challenges
  • Senior Management Support
  • Cloud and IT/DR
  • Educating Employees
  • Standards
  • Cyber-security (sponsored by Deloitte)
  • Regional Disasters
  • Public/Private Partnerships, and
  • Workforce Continuity.

Want to discuss something that’s not on the list? Click here to tell us what additional subjects you want to see covered. We’ll make sure there are tables that suit your interests, and create an open dialogue where you can get to know your fellow conference-goers and exchange valuable ideas. 

Getting the most out of networking means more than just a good handshake. Here are some good rules of thumb:

Prep your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is an easy way to build a contact list during a conference. Make sure your profile shows off

blurred-business-shake.jpgyour good side by posting a professional name and photo, an easy-to-read (and remember) customized URL, and regular, relevant status updates.

Make a good introduction. To make your first meeting with a new contact land, be the one to make the introduction (it’s a sign of respect), speak slowly and clearly — especially in a noisy room — and don’t overwhelm them with personal details.

Use tricks to remember names. You’re going to meet a lot of people, and it’s not always easy to keep all those names straight in your head. Try repeating their name early and often (but not so often that it gets annoying!), associate their names with a detail about them (“Fred likes to fish”), or simply jot down their name and where you met down on the back of your business card so it’s handy.

Before you can network with your fellow BC pros, make sure to register for DRI2014 now by clicking here. We’ll see you in Atlanta!


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