BIA for Experienced Continuity Professionals

Speaker: Karol Cordero, PwC Costa Rica

You have the credentials and experience, but do you have what it takes to conduct an effective business impact analysis? An inadequate BIA yields wrong and useless data leading to a disastrous business continuity plan.

Learn important tips such as:
• Using the “SMART” method
• Defining and setting reachable objectives
• Engaging the C-suite
• Knowing what and how to get the data for a productive business impact analysis
• Identifying key players in your organization
• Distinguishing what may be essential to upper management may not be critical to your business continuity plan

This session will explore these topics and more on how to conduct a thorough and productive BIA. Improve the efficiency of your BIA for positive results!

To view this presentation, follow this link: BIA for Experienced Continuity Professionals

Karol-CorderoAbout the Speaker: Karol Cordero CBCP, AL BS25999, PMP, CISM, CISA is supervisor of PwC Costa Rica specializing in business continuity consulting, risk management, and information security. She is a graduate of University of Costa Rica with masters in systems engineering and project management. She is a CBCP with DRI International Costa Rica and teaches business continuity for financial, government, public, and private sectors among others throughout the Latin American region.

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