The Euro Exit Crisis: Get Current on this Currency Conundrum and its Continuity Concerns

Speaker: Corrado Zana, Marsh Risk Consulting

Europe’s common currency is in crisis.  If it fails, the consequences would be numerous and serious and could include bank runs, social and political unrest, as well as widespread economic  instability. Businesses must not adopt a wait-and-see approach. Rather, they must seek to understand the potential impacts and then prepare for potential outcomes.  Such plans should consider finance and cash management, business continuity, revenue assumptions and targets, and client and supply chains. Attend this session to better understand what this looming crisis could do to your organization and what you must do to be ready for it!

To view this presentation, follow this link: The Euro Exit Crisis: Get Current on this Currency Conundrum and its Continuity Concerns

Corrado-ZanaAbout the Speaker: Corrado Zana, CBCP, leads the Information Risk Management (IRM) and the Business Continuity Management Practices of Marsh Risk Consulting in Italy. Previously, Zana was Lead Business Consultant within the Business Consulting function of Nokia Siemens Networks. In this role, he was devoted to developing the risk management and business continuity consulting services dedicated to communication service providers in West South Europe. He has 27 years of experience in risk management, risk engineering and business continuity management. Zana graduated in mechanical engineering from the Politecnico of Milan and is licensed as Professional Fire Protection Engineer. He is DRI International Certified Business Continuity Professional, President of BCManager (the Italian Association of BC Managers), and a member of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) in the UK.

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