Survey: 57% of Workers Aren’t Too Confident in Their Organization’s Disaster Plans

Uh-oh: looks like a lot of organizations have their work cut out convincing employees they’re ready for an emergency!

3-23 Drive FLOOD Pic

According to a recentStaples/BCI study, only half of employees believe their workplaces are prepared for a severe emergency. More alarming, nearly two thirds of those polled said their companies hadn’t reassessed their safety plans following recent natural disasters.

Small business employees were the most concerned — and possibly the most confused — about their workplace safety. Workers at businesses with less than 50 employees are less sure of who is in charge of emergency planning at their company versus those at larger companies. They also report less emergency equipment and plans in place, and are less likely to run drills and exercises.

Thinking about these results, it might be a good time for BC pros to enlighten the people in their organizations about the work they’re doing!



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