What Does It Cost When Giant Robots Trash Your Town?

With Transformers: Age of Extinction currently dominating the box office worldwide, now seems like a good time to answer the question, “Just how costly would it be to recover from a massive battle between giant robots?”

The Chicago Tribune found out for themselves after the third installment of the franchise, when heroic Autobots battled evil Decepticons and basically flattened Chicago as a result.

Estimated cost? Around $8 billion in property damage!

According to Appraisal Research Counselors vice president Jim Kutill, About one-third of the city was affected. Some of the hot spots: “Wacker east from Dearborn. Lakeshore East to the lake. The Equitable Building was burning. The Amoco Building (now the Aon Center) was damaged. Marina City was totaled. …”

Upon learning that the Jewelers Building was used as an interdimensional gateway for evil alien robots, Rudy Banducci, vice president of real estate for 35 E. Wacker Drive, replied, “Well, I guess then I should go on the record as stating that we do not condone any evil robots.”
It’s too soon to say how much destruction goes on in this summer’s film, but we do know this: the trailer features a giant robot brandishing a sword that is also a laser gun, while riding an EVEN MORE GIANT dinosaur-robot, demolishing Chicago AGAIN.

Transformers: Age of Extinction TRAILER 2 (2014) - Mark Wahlberg Movie HD
Transformers: Age of Extinction

Good luck, guys.

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