CEOs Might Want to Hide Their Risk Management Report Cards

Did you ever get a bad report card in school — one you desperately wanted to hide from the world? Now CEOs have been graded on their risk management commitment, and if this were still school, a lot of them would definitely get grounded.


Cybersecurity website Dark Reading posted a survey asking respondents to rate their CEO’s commitment to better cybersecurity and lowering cyber-risk. About 750 responses later, here’s what the Risk Management Report Card looked like:


A – Top Priority: 16%

B – Moving in the right direction, but lacking critical tools – 26%

C – Meeting minimum compliance regs, just barely – 21%

D – Flying blind – our tools are outdated and we need more support and training – 19%

F – Epic Fail – We’re an open target for attack – 19%


It seems some top execs still aren’t getting the message that security isn’t a cost — it’s an investment. That’s where DRI’s new Risk Management for the Business Continuity Professional course comes in. Whether you’re new to the RM field or a seasoned professional, DRI offers training and certification that can help you develop a strong risk management program within your organization.
Learn more about how business continuity intersects with risk management by watching our recent webinar on the subject:

DRI Webinar Series:
DRI Webinar Series: “Business Continuity Meets Risk Management”


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