DRI’s Professional Practices: Tell Us What You Think With This Survey!

online surveyWhat are your views on DRI International’s Professional Practices? We want to hear them! The DRI International Commission’s Professional Practices Committee is seeking comments from DRI Certified Professionals on the current edition of the Professional Practices, via this brief 11-question survey.

Before taking the survey, log into your MyDRI account (or create a free profile if you don’t have one already) to review the Professional Practices, focusing on those areas you believe may need updating and revising. Then provide your suggestions and revisions via the survey, which will remain open until December 31, 2014.

The Professional Practices Committee of the DRI Commission is responsible for maintaining the DRI Professional Practices. In order to accomplish this, the committee uses a four-year update cycle that has been adopted by the DRI Commission and is currently underway.

This survey is part of the review cycle. Survey results will be used to create a new version of the Professional Practices, which will then be made available for comment. At the conclusion of the comment period, a final version will be published.

Click here to get started, and thank you for participating!

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