Conference Tips: ‘Going Deep’ on Handshakes

iStock_000001835791MediumDRI2015 is a unique networking event — which means you’re going to be shaking a lot of hands while you’re there. But are you sure you’re doing it right?

On his National Geographic TV series Going Deep, author and humorist (and artisanal pencil-sharpener) David Rees decided to take a very, very close look at all the tiny factors that go into producing a firm, confident handshake.

He spoke with professional arm-wrestlers about grip strength, a neurologist about making eye contact, a former cultural attache to the White House, and many more, all to learn how to make the perfect handshake (which he made into a helpful how-to infographic), including:

  • “Beware of Hand-Crushers” — grab deep inside the webbing of the hand, making contact between the thumb and forefinger
  • Handshake Etiquette — “Use a slow, steady approach so your partner can mirror your approach”
  • “Find Hacks for your Trouble Areas” — Not great at eye contact? Focus on the bridge of your partner’s nose.

You can watch clips from the episode here, or click the video link below to watch David learn about proper grip strength by trying out his handshake against an arm-wrestler’s mega-grip.

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