DRI2015 FEATURED SESSION: Big Data and Cloud: Business Continuity for Outside the Enterprise  

hr-cloud-storageCloud storage is the next frontier for business continuity and disaster recovery professionals, and to make sure you’re covered, DRI2015 will feature Computer Science Corporation’s Daniel Mikulsky, MBCP, for a session focusing on cloud computing.

The breakneck implementation of cloud computing into almost every IT shop has propelled mission-critical processing outside the control of the IT organization. The experts of “big data” analytics are pulling in data from multiple sources from way outside to generate information that drives revenues. The boundaries for disaster recovery are now more porous than ever, and every business continuity planner needs to devise strategies for cloud and big data within the business continuity management framework.

As CSC’s Offering Manager for Business Continuity, Daniel Mikulsky is at the forefront of his Dan Mikulskiorganization’s expanding cybersecurity, cloud, and big data practice. He has over 20 years of business continuity experience, implementing BC/DR and crisis management plans for several U.S. federal agencies as well as commercial and nonprofit organizations.

You can learn more about this and other exciting sessions on the DRI2015 conference program page. Check it often, as we’re adding new sessions and speakers all the time!

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