Are You Prepped For Asteroid Attacks?

AsteroidQuick, what does your plan say about objects falling from the sky?

If that part of the plan is blank, you might get some ideas from the Disaster Playground!

Developed by SETI Institute Designer of Experiences Nelly Ben Heyoun, the website and upcoming documentary features scientists from NASA’s Near Earth Objects Project and other asteroid experts to showcase the mitigation plans in place, some of which sound like they’d be pretty exciting, such as:

  • Moving asteroids with lasers
  • Using a spacecraft’s gravitational field to deflect the asteroid, and
  • Harnessing the energy of the sun!

There’s also a feature on Disaster City, USA, a gigantic outdoor emergency response training center used to help prepare and train for large-scale disasters.

It’s an interesting project, which you can learn more about by watching this teaser trailer for the upcoming documentary (one choice quote, about who gets the call in the event of an asteroid emergency: “At least we know who to call now. I don’t know if they’ll know what to DO, but at least we know who to call!”).

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