IT/DR and Business Continuity: Register Now for this Info-Packed Webinar!

Keyboard learnJoin us on Oct. 28 at 2 p.m. EDT for a lively and informative webinar discussing the role of IT/DR in business continuity!

Among the topics discussed: the elements of a mature DR program, including the responsibilities and training requirements of the program manager, DR coordinator, exercise administrator, and other personnel (even if they’re all the same person); plan development, from documentation to exercising and beyond; and finding cost-effective recovery solutions that match your organization’s needs.

All this, plus audience Q&A, information on DRI’s new IT/DR training, and a preview of the Technology Track at DRI2015!

Featured speakers:

  • Bobby Williams, Fidelity Investments
  • Harley Lemons, U.S. Department of Defense
  • Susan Rogers, Cyberwise CP
  • Gary Villenvue, DRI Education
  • Buffy Rojas, DRI Communications

Register now to be part of the conversation!

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