New Study: Here’s How Vulnerable Facilities Are When a Virus Spreads

Flu SeasonAs we get into flu season, you’ll want to know that your facility is prepared to deal with a virus spread, because as new research shows, once it starts, it moves fast!

Researchers planted tracer viruses (which resemble the human norovirus) to contaminate one or two commonly touched surfaces — a doorknob or table top — at the beginning of the day in office buildings, a conference room, and a healthcare facility. After various periods of time (from 2 to 8 hours), they sampled 60 to 100 surfaces, such as light switches, countertops, coffee pot handles, and phones, looking for the tracer virus.

The result: Within 2 to 4 hours, between 40 to 60% of the surfaces sampled were contaminated!

Fortunately, while that’s an intimidatingly fast spread time, there is a simple way to reduce threat of exposure: disinfectant. In the intervention phase, employees were provided with disinfectant wipes to use on their work areas at least once a day — at which point the number of contaminated surfaces was reduced by at least 80%

You can learn more about protecting your organization with DRI’s online training program, Pandemic Influenza: Building a Continuity Plan. Log into your MyDRI account and access the course by clicking here.  

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