DRI2015 FEATURED SESSION: Beyond the War Story: NYU Langone Medical Center’s Business Continuity Case Study

Superstorm SandyOn October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy barreled through the northeast, leaving unprecedented damage and a devastated NYU Langone Medical Center in her wake. Attend this session for more than just the “war story,” with a case study led by Langone Medical Center Director Mitch Simon and healthcare continuity expert Dennis Schrader, of DRI International.

You’ll find out what happened (hundreds of faculty, staff, and students — in partnership with the FDNY, NYPD, Office of Emergency Management, and volunteers — evacuated 322 patients from a building that had no power, lights, or functioning elevators) as well as what has happened since the NYU Langone reopened and reimagined business continuity and emergency preparedness.

Find out about the critical success factors in making BCP work in a healthcare setting, and learn about the challenges BC professionals face in transitioning into a healthcare environment at this informative session. Photo Simon

As a Director at NYU Langone Medical Center, Mitch Simon, CBCP, is responsible for business continuity and resiliency for NYU’s numerous hospitals, research centers, labs, and school and group practices.

Dennis Schrader served as Deputy Administrator of the National Preparedness Directorate at Photo SchraderFEMA, was Maryland’s first Director of Homeland Security, and spent 16 years at the University of Maryland Medical System.

You can download DRI’s special case study report, Training for Disasters in the Healthcare Industry: 6 Cases That Prove Its Value, for more on how hospitals and other facilities prepared for, and recovered from, some recent and devastating emergency situations — just log into your MyDRI to access the Resource Library. And sign up now for our pre-conference course, Business Continuity and the Healthcare Industry, which will be held right before DRI2015, from Feb. 26-28.

Start learning with this incredible video about NYU Langone’s evacuation, recovery, and re-opening:

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