Conference Tips: Are You Making These LinkedIn Mistakes?

SelectionFor established professionals, LinkedIn is one of the best ways to develop a useful network of colleagues and subject matter experts — plenty of which you’ll find at DRI2015.

But before you head to San Antonio, make sure your LinkedIn profile reflects your best self — and sidestep these five all-too-common errors:

  1. Doing nothing. Sometimes people create a LinkedIn profile without knowing what to do with it, and then they forget about it altogether. So first, fill your profile with as much information that reflects your career and experience. Then connect with others using your email contacts, or try out the recommended contacts feature.
  1. Posting the wrong photo. Your LinkedIn profile is your professional calling card — so choose your picture carefully! Pick a headshot that doesn’t include anyone else, and isn’t from 10 years ago.
  1. Linking to personal sites. If you use Twitter as a tool of your profession, by all means, add that to your page. But if you only use it to communicate with family or live-tweet your favorite TV show, you can safely leave it off your list of links.
  1. Not making the most of the site. You can also add links, photos and files to the education and experience sections of your profile, to better engage visitors.
  1. Ignoring privacy settings. As with any social media, periodically check your settings to make sure it’s a level of professional privacy you’re comfortable with.

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