Conference Tips: Pump Up Your Packing Skills!

luggage-64355_1280Ever travel somewhere, only to find you managed to pack everything except the one thing you actually needed? Or packed two weeks’ worth of clothing for a three-day trip? It happens to the best of us — which is why these packing tips can come in handy (and before you use them for your DRI2015 trip, you can try them out if you travel during the coming holiday season):

Roll, don’t fold: Tightly-rolled clothes take up less space in a suitcase, and are less likely to get too wrinkled. 

Pack in layers: Items packed in layers make it easier for TSA agents to screen your luggage, which means you’re more likely to get through the security gate without any trouble. 

Make a list: Why wait until the night before to start thinking of what you need to bring? Write up a checklist in the weeks ahead of time to be sure you have what you actually need. 

Go bigger with your carry-on item: Bring a larger tote bag you can stash under the seat — you’ll get more storage space and keep the essential items you need most (such as identification, electronics, and valuables, which you should never check) within close reach. 

When in doubt, compress: If you still can’t seem to close the lid on your suitcase, consider compression sacs like the ones offered by Eagle Creek, which can reduce your packing volume by as much as 80%!

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