FEATURED SESSION: IT/DR and the Ostrich Syndrome: Lessons Learned from India, Applied Everywhere!

RN4_6158-Rakesh Pande Session 6One way or another — whether it’s your organization directly, or one of your key associates or suppliers — you’re probably doing business with India right now.

As a world leader in the field of information technology related services, India provides major support to businesses worldwide. So what should you know about the state of business continuity and disaster recovery in India?

For the answers, look no further than this highly-anticipated session with Rakesh Pande, founder of DRI India. His session at DRI2014 was a massive hit with attendees, and he’s going to build on that discussion with new insights into IT/DR management. He’ll tell it straight: what can go wrong, how to make it right, and how to manage the risks.

With over 23 years of experience in the information technology field, Rakesh operates as a trainer, consultant and auditor for multinational companies and big corporate houses in India. In addition to his specialties in risk management and logistics, he is experienced in the field of Information Warfare and Ethical Hacking.

You won’t want to miss this session! To learn more about this and other DRI2015 offerings, check out the complete conference program.

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