NYC Marathon: Emergency Prep Lessons Learned from Boston

NYC marathonCombine at least 50,000 runners with lingering public fears of everything from terror attacks to ebola contact, and throw in the still-vivid memory of the chaos at last year’s Boston Marathon Bombing, and the question is: how would New York City make people feel safe at the annual marathon on Nov. 2?

Said Mayor Bill De Blasio at a press conference, “Security was ramped up very significantly last year as you might expect. We kept that same level of security and then some for this year’s event.”

Among those security enhancements:

  • 4,000 extra officers stationed throughout the race
  • 4 airships
  • 20 water vessels
  • Enhanced safety protocols around public buildings, and
  • Baggage inspections (though it was strongly suggested that all bags be left at home).

For more on the Boston Marathon Bombing, make sure you check out the DRI2015 session “Boston Marathon Bombings: The Incident Commander Shares Lessons Learned.” Kurt Schwartz will offer his experiences and insights on the response to the bombing, and the challenges and best practices learned along the way.

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