FEATURED SESSION: Just Added! — Your Supply Chain: Only As Strong As Its Weakest Link

Linda Conrad photoThe world has seen recent natural disasters and catastrophes of record magnitude. Each of these events caused significant supply chain disruptions which impacted local, regional, and global economies, and resulted in significant damage to corporate profitability and reputation.

DRI2015 has just added a new session — “Your Supply Chain: Only As Strong As Its Weakest Link” — to tackle these issues. The session examines supply chain exposures and implications of deficiencies in supply chain risk management from a financial, legal, reputational, and social perspective. Risk assessment, management strategies, and insurance alternatives will be explored, including a protocol for evaluating an organization’s readiness for dealing with and funding a supply chain disruption.

As Director of Strategic Business Risk Management, session presenter Linda Conrad leads a global team responsible for delivering tactical decisions on strategic issues such as business resilience, supply chain risk, Total Risk Profiling, and more. She holds a Specialist designation in ERM and serves on the global Education Advisory Board for the Institute of Risk Management in London.

Click here for the full conference program. And make sure to check back often — we may add a few more special sessions as the conference gets closer!

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