Conference Tips: Appealing Travel Apps

SmartphoneYour smartphone can double as the perfect travel guide when you’re on the road — all you need are the right apps to tell you where to go, what to pack, and how to get the most out of San Antonio. Before you leave, you might want to load up on these, recommended by CNN Travel:

  • Wikitude: Use your phone’s camera with this Augmented Reality (AR) browser, which syncs the user’s location to learn more about the attractions you’re looking at, local restaurant reviews, and other details about the area.
  • Worldmate: Organize all your travel info — flights, hotels, and car rentals — into one app. It also integrates with utilities like Outlook and LinkedIn.
  • Entrain: Monitor your circadian clock with your phone, to help you adjust to new time zones and curb jet lag. This app was developed using research from the University of Michigan.
  • PackPoint: This app generates a customized list of items you should pack based on length of trip, local weather, and activities you might have planned during your trip.
  • SAVE in San Antonio: The San Antonio Visitor Experience app, developed by the tourism board, provides coupons and discounts to local attractions.

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