Is Your Company in the Cyber-Crime ‘Ring of Fire’?

Cyber attack mouseISP and hosting companies have climbed up the ranks to become two of the most targeted industries of cyber-crime in 2014 — and it could have a huge effect on companies that do business with them, too.

According to a Radware survey of 330 companies, in the last 12 months, ISPs have become some of the most at-risk companies, along with the gambling sector and government, moving to the center of the “ring of fire,” which tracks cyber attacks and predicts the likelihood of attacks on major industries.

This is a strong warning to companies to take a close look at the security planning of companies that host their websites and network operations — or risk becoming part of an attack themselves.

Other findings of the survey:

  • 19% of companies say they’re under constant cyber-attacks, three times as many as last year
  • 52% say they can fight an around-the-clock campaign for only a day or less
  • 75% said threat of attack has become a hot topic in the boardroom, as issues of reputation and revenue become better understood.


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