Mad Weather: Freak Tornado in L.A., Blizzard in Russia

TornadoEveryone knows you can’t really predict the weather — you can only prepare for it. And a pair of recent surprise weather events drive that point home!

Days of severe weather across the west coast of the United States culminated with a relative rarity: a tornado that tore through southern Los Angeles, taking off rooftops and bending steel along the way.

While the last time a high-profile tornado appeared in L.A. was way back in 1983, that doesn’t mean tornadoes in the region are unheard of — it’s just the ones that do are categorized EF0, the weakest rating.

Meanwhile, Russia’s far east was caught unprepared for a massive blizzard on Dec. 1, burying cars under the heaviest snow in decades and causing hazardous driving conditions for those cars that got free. Power cutoffs were also reported in several areas, due to broken wires.

On the bright side? Moscow’s much-lighter first snowfall of the season was more welcome for helping clear the air of pollution from a processing facility last month.

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