FEATURED #DRI2015 SESSION: Resilience Revealed!

Pete Renneker HeadshotThe word “resilience” is used a lot. What does it mean? You could look it up in the dictionary, but how do you recognize it in practice? What are the characteristics of resilient people, organizations and societies? Is it something you are born with or can it be acquired? Can anything be done to foster resilience personally, professionally, and organizationally? Is there a difference between resilience and resiliency? So many questions!

This interactive session will reveal what it means to be resilient and how you can increase resilience at home, work, and in the community.

Pete Renneker is a Senior Manager with Deloitte & Touche Enterprise Risk Services group. In this role, he builds enterprise risk management programs with clients across multiple business and technology risk domains. With 14 years of experience in business continuity, he has built and supported resilience programs throughout North America, Asia and Europe across many industry sectors. He also serves as a Board Director and Fundraising Chair for the DRI Foundation.

For more on this and other exciting sessions, check out our conference program!

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