Polar Vortexes, Giant Hail, and More in Monthly Disaster Report

The season’s first polar vortex, tennis-ball-sized hail, and severe flooding caused major damage worldwide, according to the most recent report from the Global Catastrophe Recap.

Flooding - istock
The report charted the most severe weather in each region around the world for November. Among the major highlights:

One of the most significant hailstorms in decades hit Australia at the end of the month, with high winds and hail the size of tennis balls raining down on Brisbane. At least 12 people were injured in the storm, and causing damage that cost insurance companies $404 million USD.

The United States dealt with four separate winter weather events, including the season’s first polar vortex and a near record-breaking snow event in the northeast (remember Buffalo?). In fact, all 50 states reported temperatures at or below 32ºF — the first time that’s happened since 1976.

Flooding was prevalent around the globe. One event left 13 people dead and caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damages in parts of France, Switzerland, Italy, and Albania. In Morocco, 47 people died and thousands of properties were damaged as excessive rains fell, costing an estimated $450 million USD.

To read the complete report, click here.

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