5 Cyber-Security Predictions for 2015

Hacker concept with hand wearing black leather glove pressing enWhat hot-button information security issues will you be focusing on in the new year? Here are five predictions, from new threats to the most likely targets.

Cybersecurity firm Proofpoint has compiled a list of its 2015 predictions, including:

1) Cyberextortion: Attackers will use more targeted efforts to ransom organizations by compromising their systems and data. Organizations will have to adapt their backup and recovery data, while also getting better at detecting and responding to potential infections.

2) Email-borne threats: When it comes to phishing, 1 in 10 recipients in an organization click on a malicious link, and attackers will expand their efforts using tricks like credible emails and malicious Office macros.

3) Social media: Social media has grown faster than an organization’s ability to manage it, leading to proliferation of unauthorized accounts claiming to be Fortune 500 companies for purposes of distributing malware, stealing customer data, and more, a practice that’s only going to increase as companies slowly add social media to their risk strategies.

4) Malvertising: A single malvertising incident in 2014 revealed an infected ad network that exposed as many as 3 million users a day to potential infection. Protecting end users from URLs linking to malvertising-infected sites should become an essential defense measure for organizations.

5) New regulations: The high-profile cyber-attacks of 2014 will lead to drafting of laws that affect data protection, privacy standards, and much more across the globe — possibly creating in a patchwork of regulations for companies to navigate.

For more on these and other predictions, visit Proofpoint’s Threat Insight blog.

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