Is an Emergency Response on the Way?

SelectionIn an emergency, connecting resources with needs is key to weathering the storm and coming out on the other side. And one group is developing a way of making those connections when they’re needed most.

Russian researchers are working on a “Help Atlas” designed to coordinate people willing to help with areas in need of particular resources. To accelerate and scale the matching of needs and resources, the team created a matchmaking algorithm (hence the comparisons), including personal profiles of volunteers and their history of assistance.

The process is ongoing as the algorithm becomes more complex – though the researchers note that having digital volunteers to serve as moderators has remained pivotal to improving the system.

Part of the struggle is the scope of the project: while is focused on online dating, and Uber works only to match those in need of a ride with a local car service, a matching platform for mutual aid may need to narrow its focus.

Still, it’s a great goal – and only a matter of time before it could become a reality. To read more on the project, click here.

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