DRI2015 Conference Tips: Taking Notes You Can Use

Woman writing in organizerHave you ever jotted down notes while watching a presentation, only to find you can’t make heads or tails of them once you go back to read them?

While you’re enjoying the breakout sessions at DRI2015, try out one of LifeHacker’s tried-and-true note-taking strategies:

Method 1: Symbols

In the left-hand margin of your notepad, use simple symbols to mark the four types of information you’re taking down:

[ ] – Square checkbox for “to do item”

( ) – Circle for a task to be assigned to someone

* – Asterisk for important facts

? – Question mark for items to research or ask the speaker about

Method 2: Quadrants

Split your page into four quadrants, then place different types of info – questions, references, to-do’s, and key facts – into the different squares. (This is apparently a preferred note-taking method of Bill Gates.)

Method 3: Cornell Style

Break the page into three sections: notes, questions on the notes, and summary of the session. Or save yourself some work and print out this template.

One more tip: Don’t worry about copying the PowerPoint presentations — those will be available after the conference (along with all past conference sessions) in our Presentation Library!

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