Nerf Guns and Lightsabers ARE Flashlights…and Other Lessons Learned from the Blizzard that Wasn’t

By Buffy Rojas, DRI International Director of Communications

Tano Snow PrepSure, I did some snow prep. I didn’t go nuts, but I got groceries. I do that a couple times a week anyway. My 13-year-old son consumes his weight in food every few days. And since I don’t have much in the way of snow to deal with (the blizzard missed Central NJ), I took a couple minutes to jot down what my snow prep taught me:

  1. Your flashlights are in your kids’ rooms. They are not in the junk drawer or the utility room or the kitchen cabinet or the toolbox. Seven flashlights/lanterns were produced from the aforementioned 13-year-old’s room alone. That’s not counting four headlamps.
  2. It’s also not counting the Nerf gun and Star Wars lightsaber that got tossed on the “emergency supply” pile. I didn’t even know Nerf guns have lights on them (some do!), and I have to admit, I liked the idea of brandishing a red-to-blue-and-back-again emergency lighting device with very cool sound effects.
  3. Starting up the snowblower and making sure it works is a good idea. Snowblowing into the wind is not a good idea unless you want to look like The Bumble.
  4. Lowes and Home Depot are going to be sold out of snow shovels and ice melt. The grocery store will be out of water. Get your water at the home improvement store of your choice and score the snow removal necessities while food shopping or getting gas or stocking up to feed your favorite vice at the local convenience store (I cop to being a chocoholic).
  5. You can get some really good deals on indoor potted plants this time of year. I left Lowes with water and a tropical rain forest that barely fit in my car. The potted palm in the picture was $5.00! I bought almost $100 worth of plants. I feared being stopped by the police but figured they were too busy with storm prep to bother with Jungle Girl.
  6. A smart boy can teach a smart dog a very useful command: “Dig!”
  7. Working from home rocks. Okay, I knew that already, but I’m especially grateful in times like these.

So, those are the lucky seven lessons I learned. How about you? Happy snow day from the great Garden State. Gotta go…this is my exit.


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