DRI2015 Conference Tips: Take Time for Twitter!

TwitterTwitter is a great way to connect with your fellow business continuity professionals online, share news, and trade experiences in real-time — and DRI’s Twitter feed will be plenty active during the conference. We want you to join in on the conversation, so here are a few FAQs to get you started.

First things first: If you don’t already have a Twitter handle, head to twitter.com, open an account, and connect with us at @dri_intl. From there, you can search for other professionals by name or hashtag.

Common hashtags: Hashtags are an easy way to find others with shared interests. In the BC field, some of the more commonly used ones include:

  • #business continuity
  • #BCM
  • #Resilience
  • #Riskmanagement
  • #SupplyChain

At the conference: To let people know what you’re doing at the conference, make sure to include #DRI2015 in your tweet. You can also search for #DRI2015 to find other people tweeting at the conference.

What to share: Tell us about a session you’re in or looking forward to, share speaker quotes that caught your attention, upload pictures — whatever you think might help others learn more about your conference experience.

Recommendations: Keep it simple — you only have 140 characters, so be as clear as you can. And you don’t have to go overboard with hashtags — use one that relates to the session or topic you’re addressing, that will be enough for other people to find.

Have fun connecting — and we’ll see you at #DRI2015!

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