Survey: High-Risk Cloud Practices Common

hr-cloud-storageThe cloud is hovering over more and more organizations, adopted by companies at an ever-increasing rate. But are cloud apps being used to our advantage — or are they just adding more risks?

According to a recent survey of North American and European companies, the potential risks are everywhere — and not always noticeable. Among the findings:

  • 86% of cloud applications are unsanctioned (AKA, “Shadow IT”). One such example: a U.S. company estimated 10 to 15 file sharing applications were in use — but discovered almost 70!
  • Only 9% of the clouds used by European companies were either based in Europe or in European-approved data transfer regions, while 21% were U.S. clouds and Safe Harbour approved. That leaves 70% using U.S. clouds without Safe Harbour certification.
  • The riskiest applications? Surveyor CipherCloud rated 52% of applications in publishing as high risk, along with social (42%) and career clouds (40%).

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