See San Antonio: Rockefeller’s Picassos at the Museum of Art

San-Antonio-Museum-of-Art-Sign_Tags_Museum_ArtThe first week of March is the perfect time to visit the San Antonio Museum of Art — it’s the final week to see its featured exhibit,” Nelson Rockefeller’s Picasso Tapestries Commissioned by Kykuit.”

Between 1955 and 1975, Nelson Rockefeller commissioned 18 massive tapestries modeled after some of Pablo Picasso’s most renowned pieces, including Girl with Mandolin, Night Fishing At Antibes, and Three Musicians.

In consultation with Picasso, the tapestries were entirely woven by hand, a process that took three to six months apiece.

Tickets are $10 for adult non-members, and the exhibit runs through Mar. 8. Click here to plan your visit.

Want to learn more about cubism — and a little bit about yourself? Take the museum’s “What Kind of Cubist Are You?” interactive quiz!

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