Winter Prep: How Employees Rate Their Companies’ Plans

snow shovelHow would you say your company did preparing for this winter? Before you answer, you might want to see how these employees rate their companies’ plans.

More than half of full-time U.S. workers — 52% — are dissatisfied with their employers’ prep efforts, wanting their company to be better prepared for a winter storm, according to a recent survey by FM Global. In fact, nearly a third of workers (32%) assign their employers a grade of C, D or F when it comes to preparedness for a major winter storm.

Some recommendations for beefing up a weather prep plan for the winter months:

  • Plan for freeze-ups, even if in a climate where severe temperature drops are rare
  • Inspect roofs for any weaknesses before a load of snow falls on them
  • Have facilities staff on-hand during cold-weather events to periodically inspect the premises, and
  • Have plans in place to maintain heat, particularly in the event of an operational shut-down.

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