Announcing the DRI Foundation Scholarship!

pretty african female college graduate at graduationAre you a business continuity professional parenting a college-bound high school senior? Keep reading — this announcement is for you!

The cost of higher education is becoming more and more burdensome for families. To help offset some costs, The DRI Foundation is offering a $5,000 scholarship to a high school senior whose parent or legal guardian is a DRI certified professional in good standing.

To be eligible for the scholarship (first announced at DRI2015), the student must be enrolling in a four-year undergraduate program for the upcoming fall semester, and must reside in the United States or Canada.

As part of the process, the applicant must write an essay regarding community preparedness. The purpose of this is for students to gain an understanding of preparedness by talking with their parents — and so business continuity professionals can understand how the next generation of leaders views the world from a preparedness perspective.

The determination of the recipient of the scholarship will be made by an independent volunteer committee, using a blind, impartial judging process.

Applications are due by May 1, 2015 via email to To get started, click here to download the application.

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