DRI Featured In Risk, Insurance Publications

News IconDRI International President Al Berman is currently featured in two national publications. Here’s where you can find his articles on risk management and building a successful business continuity plan online!

Risk Management Monitor has published Berman’s article, “Risk Management and Business Continuity: Improving Business Resiliency.” He writes:


“Preparing for and responding to negative events, from the mundane to the catastrophic, from the predictable to the unforeseen, has become a fact of life for businesses and governments around the world. We don’t have to look any further than the seemingly daily reports of cyberattacks on governments, corporations and individuals to comprehend the severity of the problem.”

Click here to read more.

Business Insurance, a weekly publication targeting business executives that covers corporate risk, employee benefits, and insurance, ran an article by Berman titled “Constructing a Successful Business Continuity Plan” online. From the article:

“But while preparedness demands we consider how to deal with these large-scale events, we also need to focus on events that might not make the headlines: A cable-seeking backhoe disrupts telephone service to a major airline’s reservation system; a ruptured water pipe renders a $100 million data center inoperable; a defective ingredient turns a cosmetic into a skin irritant. And the list goes on.”

Click here to read more (free website registration required). Already a print subscriber? The article is also set to run in the March 16th edition of the publication.

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