DRI2015 Presentations: Now Available Online!

LibraryIf you missed a session you wanted to attend at DRI2015 — or if you didn’t get to go and want a sample of the event — DRI is happy to announce that this year’s presentations are now available online!

Presentations are ready for download in PDF format as part of DRI’s ever-expanding presentation library. Just a few of the available subjects:

  • The Resiliency Yardstick: Winning BIAs and Exec Buy-In, by Larry Chase of Symantec
  • Beyond the War Story: NYU Langone Medical Center’s Business Continuity Case Study, by Mitchell Simon of NYU Langone Medical Center and Steve Kral of Tidal Basin
  • IT/DR and the Ostrich Syndrome: Lessons Learned in India, Applied Everywhere!, by DRI India’s Rakesh Pande,
  • And much more!

To access the library, log into your MyDRI account — or sign up if you don’t have one yet (it’s free)!

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