New DRI White Paper Highlights Public-Private Partnerships

Fukushima White Paper preview imageComing out of the recent U.N. World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, DRI International has released a new white paper focused on the global need for strong public-private partnerships.

The four-page paper can be downloaded for free from DRI’s presentation library (log into your MyDRI account to access the library). It touches on the U.N.’s adoption of Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction: 2015-2030, as well as how the public and private sector can best work together:

“Partners need to ensure that they have a plan in place and that they test it. The plan needs to include the full scope of affected stakeholders including organizations, governments, communities or societies, depending on the mandate of the partnership. Senior leaders from all organizations should be involved from the start, express their full support, and allocate sufficient resources to the partnership.”

Click here to access the white paper.

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