IT Survey: Poor Communications Leads to Increased Downtime

Workplace, Man working on the laptopIf IT is down for 15 minutes or less, business is impacted, according to a recent survey of IT professionals. But how long does it take for those professionals to locate the right person to solve the problem?

In a recent Dimension Research survey of 300 IT professionals, 60% said it takes 15 minutes or more just to find the right individual to respond to an issue; and nearly half said it takes as long as, or longer, to identify the person as it does to resolve the problem.

The survey results also tied improved IT alerting systems to overall business benefits. Among the responses:

  • 91% said poor incident communication increases downtime
  • 87% said guaranteed alert delivery would accelerate issue resolution, and
  • 85% said issue resolution would be accelerated by a response system that initiates steps with a single click on a mobile device (single-click conferencing).

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