Help Test a New Storm Surge Simulator

Beyond the StormYou can test a new interactive tool designed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), developed to show the potentially deadly nature of storm surges through an interactive map.

The storm surge — the unusual rise of water that surges overland during a hurricane — is often the most dangerous and deadly part of the storm. But according to the NOAA, surveys show a consistent misunderstanding of what the storm surge is and its effects, due to poor understanding of flood zone maps that represent potential flooding scenarios.

That’s why the NOAA is developing an Experimental Storm Surge Simulator: to show a street-level view of where water could rise in a storm surge. Currently using the Charleston, SC area as a sample, the simulator places rising blue boxes on pictures of landmarks, including residential housing and retail shops, to show what could happen depending on the variable strength and tide of a hurricane.

Users are encouraged to take a survey before and after testing the model, to improve its performance overall.

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