DRI Foundation Sets Up Nepal Relief Fund in Wake of Earthquake

Photo Credit: Nepal Earthquake 2015 Aftermath, Krish Dulal

Photo Credit: Nepal Earthquake 2015 Aftermath, Krish Dulal

A powerful magnitude-7.8 earthquake has devastated Nepal, claiming more than 3,600 lives and counting. Thousands of homes have been destroyed and more will become known as events unfold. To aid the region, the DRI Foundation is calling all continuity professionals, and their organizations, to donate to its Nepal Relief Fund, part of the Foundation’s Donations After Disasters program.

“As business continuity and disaster management professionals, we know that a disaster of this size will profoundly affect hundreds of thousands and have a lingering impact on the region for years to come,” said AnneMarie Staley, Foundation Chair. “It is important that we come together and support the people of Nepal to build back better and invest in designing a resilient community that can better withstand this type of devastation.”

All proceeds donated will go directly to relief and recovery efforts. Citing the strength and solidarity in numbers, by combining donations, the DRI Foundation and its donors will send a message of support, help, and hope from their communities to those in need.

In the coming weeks, the Foundation will select a local recipient using information from its contacts on the ground. It also intends to keep all supporters updated to let them know how their donations are aiding recovery efforts in Nepal.

 Click here to donate.

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