How Prepared is Your Community? Survey Says …

Emergency Supply Checklist kitRecently released survey data from the U.S. Census Bureau can give you a pretty good idea of how your community stacks up against others when it comes to good emergency preparedness practices.

The American Housing Survey, conducted by the Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, asked householders if they had prepared a variety of essential needs in the face of an emergency or disaster event. On a national level, here are some of the results:

Emergency Evacuation Kit:

  • 51.5% Yes
  • 46.6% No
  • 2.4% Not reported

Emergency Meeting Location:

  • 37.4% Yes
  • 60.6% No
  • 2.0% Not reported

Non-Perishable Food:

  • 82.0% Yes
  • 15.9% No
  • 2.1% Not reported

Communications Plan:

  • 32.9 Yes
  • 65.1 No
  • 1.9 Not reported

Click here for more results — then select from one of 25 metro regions to find out how well-prepared your community is!

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