Report: Business Survival Depends on Climate Resilience

Climate ChangeDoes your organization’s business continuity planning also consider future climate change? It could make the difference between serious loss and strong returns on investment, according to a new report.

“Climate Change and Business Survival,” a report from the Global Sustainability Institute, projects that within 20 years, $200 billion in investments each year will be needed to cope with $1 trillion in global losses from climate impacts.

The upside: a third of that is likely to offer strong returns on investment, as improved protection and better emergency planning will give businesses the ability to cut losses and rebound more swiftly from climate impacts than their less resilient competitors.

The report, written with decision makers in business, finance and government in mind, calls for stronger collaboration between the public and private sector to mobilize 70% of the required investment to protect against 30% of losses – a low direct impact, but still vital for business continuity.

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