Jurassic Park: STILL An Emergency Manager’s Nightmare!

With the blockbuster Jurassic World, the dinosaur park is back in business and bigger than ever – which means that 20 years and three sequels later, the people running a park filled with carnivorous, prehistoric giants are still absolutely terrible at emergency management.

That’s the takeaway from “A Public Assembly Facilities Manager Considers Jurassic World,” a dryly humorous post from author Jacob Bacharach. Taking the point of view of a facilities manager, he notes some of the bigger problems with the park from a continuity perspective, including:

  • Poor crisis communications: “Despite several employees possessing two-way radios, management primarily communicates with park staff via cell phone, an inherently less stable and reliable platform”
  • Lackluster emergency training: “Front-line staff are untrained in emergency preparedness, and are not helpful in either evacuation or shelter-in-place scenarios”
  • Faulty building construction: “…despite claims that the park has employed ‘the best structural engineers,’ capital building assets are woefully inadequate and easily damaged by the regular and routine operations of the attractions” (AKA: those genetically modified dinosaurs)

Click here to read the complete list of concerns that don’t involve being eaten by an Indominus Rex. Or just enjoy the trailer:

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