DRI Talks Supply Chain Risks on Podcast

PodcastingSupplyChainBrain, a podcast devoted to all things supply chain, invited DRI Executive Director Chloe Demrovsky on for a recent episode that touches on doing away with “risk psychology” – AKA, the “It’s never going to happen to me!” mentality.

From host Bob Bowman’s description:

“Recent history demonstrates how vulnerable companies are to disruptions in their supply chains. Whether it’s a flood, tsunami, earthquake, volcano, disease, port strike, data breach, or any number of other potential disasters, the impact on global organizations is immense. Yet many seem not to have got the message. What’s gone wrong? Where are companies most vulnerable today? What must they do now? We get answers to these and other questions in our conversation with Chloe Demrovsky, executive director of the Disaster Recovery Institute International. She details the cost of unpreparedness, as well as some of the misconceptions that companies harbor about the types of disruptions that entail the highest costs.”

Click here to listen to the podcast, either via streaming or download. New episodes of SupplyChainBrain are up every Friday on the podcast’s website and iTunes.

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