5 Disasters That Put ‘Sharknado’ to Shame

SharkAnother summer, another increasingly ludicrous (and that’s saying something!) Sharknado movie from SyFy — but if you’ve finally become desensitized to flying sharks getting chainsawed, here are five real-life disasters to make you go “Whaaaaaaat?”

Inspired by the Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (actual title), FEMA has compiled this list of actual, completely bizarre disasters:

  1. Snownado: AKA “winter water spouts,” or what happens when tornadoes form in freezing weather.
  2. London Beer Flood of 1814: Less desirable than it might sound — a three-story barrel of beer burst open, killing eight people and destroying two houses and, of course, a pub.
  3. Firenado: Not impressed by a snownado? This mix of wind and fire can burn fuel three to seven times faster than an open flame.
  4. Boston Molasses Flood of 1919: When a tank burst, a 15-foot wave of hot molasses flowed at 35 mph, causing what would today be $100 million in damages.
  5. Martinique Snake Invasion of 1902: Volcanic activity in Mount Pelee sent hundreds of snakes into the town of St. Pierre, where an estimated 50 people and up to 200 animals died from snake bites.

FEMA’s reasonable takeaway? “Weird things can happen … always be prepared.” Well put.

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