5 Disaster Podcasts You Should Check Out

PodcastingPodcasts are a great way of hearing the latest news and attitudes about the topics closest to your heart (especially if you want something to listen to on a long commute). What podcasts are out there for the disaster management professional?

Here’s a by-no-means-complete list of podcasts geared toward emergency management insiders, as compiled by Rob Dale of the Ingham County (MI) Office of Emergency Management when asked what he listens to:

  • Security Mom — “Security Mom aims to unpack how this strange and secretive world works. Homeland security expert Juliette Kayyem talks frankly and freely with leaders in the security world, putting the hype back into perspective and bringing the conversation back home.”
  • All Hazards Emergency Network: Recent programs (which Dale calls “strictly by the books”) have focused on expediting power restoration after a major outage, DHS cybersecurity research, the role of the Red Cross in a disaster, and more.
  • Dukes of Hazards — “Mitch Stripling and Andrew McMahan host an irreverent (but useful) podcast about disaster response, emergency management, mobilization culture, community resilience and life in emergency operations. Also, drones. research. Movie reviews. Jokes.”
  • CatastropheCast — This one focuses on historically notable disasters: “If there’s a disaster or catastrophe, man-made or natural, it’s probably fascinated us. We’re here to talk about all things catastrophic, a subject that fascinates many of us!”
  • Disaster Podcast — Recent subjects include hospice preparedness, Philippines disaster response lessons, and an eyewitness account from the view within a tornado.

Which podcasts are you listening to? Share a link in the comments section!

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