Two Words: Resilience Goats!

resilience goatsThis video is pretty hypnotic — a massive herd of goats running after one another down a hillside. But what makes it impressive? Those goats are part of a successful resilience program!

Berkeley Lab in California sits on a 202-acre site on a hill overlooking the U.C. Berkeley campus. Each summer, it hires a herd of goats from a company called Goats R Us for a very important task: preventing wildfires.

The goats cut back the grass and brush on the hillside terrain around its buildings. “”Grazing goats are utilized to consume the tall grasses, broom and weeds that might otherwise — in the event of a wildland fire — spread flames up into the treasured stands of trees on our acreage,” maintenance supervisor Thomas Price explained to CNN.

In other words, every summer those 800 goats (with the help of a few herding dogs) help remove 100 acres of potential fuel load for a wild fire. Well done, goats!

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