The Next Great InfoSec Threat: Your Appliances?

dishwashing machineSure, the list of ways hackers can get into a vulnerable system seems to grow every day, but one thing’s certain — they still need the Internet…right? Not so fast. According to this security team, there’s a way to steal data using everyday household appliances!

Red Balloon Security pulled off a demonstration, infecting a laser printer and quickly switching a chip’s energy output back and forth, causing it to emit electromagnetic radiation, which can be translated into 1’s and 0’s.

While it’s an extremely slow transmission of data under normal circumstances, it’s sped up by thick cables (such as those in rooms housing lots of data) acting as amplifiers — and none of this is being monitored by the usual security methods.

Which isn’t to say it’s totally undetectable. If you want to see if someone is slowly sneaking off with your data, grab an AM radio — if the radio static is interrupted by loud beeping, that device might be secretly transmitting radio signals.

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